Welcome to the world of authentic oriental dance and Arabic culture by Zahra - زهرة

Oriental dance, in Arabic Raqs Sharqi, is an art form that is not only healthy for the body, but also a cure for the soul. Through this dance one becomes more agile, feminine, graceful, and self-confident. The dance loosens the body to feel in harmony with the music. Let’s experience and enjoy the joy of this beautiful dance together.


Zahra Oriental Dance

Zahra comes from Algeria and she has been dealing with the oriental dance since her childhood. In 1978 she was the first Arabic pioneer to teach the authentic-Egyptian dance style. Innumerable well-known dancers were trained by her. 1984 – 1989 she was an associate and the main dancer in the Arabic restaurant ARABESK in Munich. 1990-1993 she ran her own dance studio. At the end of 1993-1996 her dream to perform in ………

Zahra Oriental Dance


About the Classes

Zahra Oriental Dance

Zahra teaches mainly the authentic Egyptian-Middle Eastern style of dance which includes classical Middle Eastern dance, Balady, Saidi (cane dance), veil and cymbals technique, and dances of the Gulf region. Her teaching is dynamic, expressive, and based on free ……